• Sharon Crockett

Re-upholstery Step 1: Removing the Fabric

I did a bit of research, and this small, vintage chair is probably a circa 1940's re-production of a variation of a George III ladder-back chair. Its style, however, is closer to that of a Dished foliate back chair common to the early 1800's. First, I gently pulled off the hot-glued double welt that was around the base of the seat cushion. Then I used a tack remover tool to remove all of the upholstery staples and tacks holding down the seat fabric and the black fabric underneath the seat. I did this carefully, so that I could preserve the fabric to use as a template for the new textile that will replace it. Finally, I removed the cotton batting atop the seat to expose the muslin cover. This entire process took about two hours. Tip: To avoid damaging the wood, use the tack remover solely to pry loose the staples. Use pliers afterwards to gently remove them. Also, gloves and a sturdy work table help at this stage. Next up: to paint or not to paint, that is the question!

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