• Sharon Crockett

What we're looking for in home decor in the U.S. today

Based on an analysis of Google searches for home decor items, there is some variation by state that is quite interesting. If you're in the Tri-State area of the United States, for instance, mirrors, lighting fixtures and throw blankets are your obsession. Overall, across the U.S. there seems to be a current fixation on things like trays, mirrors, wall decor, wallpaper, poufs and rugs. The common denominator is that Americans appear to be interested in #1 small items that they can move around as needed to add an extra seat or a place of storage and #2 putting things on the wall to add a punch of color, make a room appear larger and bounce natural and artificial light back into spaces. These are all less expensive things that can quickly "pull a space together" and provide an opportunity to put a personal stamp on the way a room looks and feels. There are a few highly regional-specific surprises. In Wyoming they're looking for lanterns while only in Alaska are hearths high on decor wish lists. Washington state residents want jars, while folks from Utah desire larger bins. Across the nation, while we may differ regionally, we all basically want the same thing from home decor: personalized spaces with beautifully decorated walls and easy to move storage.

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